Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Almost Monday - Good show, Bad name, Won't contribute

And we don't even go to work on Monday! Two self-employed creative types, and we like the programming, BUT, it has become tiresome and non-clever to hear student DJs say "It's almost Monday" several times during each announcement break.
We do not have corporate jobs to return to Monday, but if we did, I think we'd turn it off to avoid the pain of hearing this pushed in our ears along with the good music by students that probably don't have to work.
There are just way too many instances of the phrase uttered. After several (or many?) years of this, can you lighten up the on the Monday quips?
Really, the too-clever and kind of old brand is irritating enough that we would not contribute, even though we live within listening range. And by the way, we love Tony Mowod's Overnight Jazz, so we really should contribute. We listen to WYSO much less, but they get our support.
It is the little things that count sometimes. Which, for a public radio station, you need a way for people to contact you and know they were heard. How would we ever know this message reached anyone? Maybe because it's not happy email, it's just deleted?

--Patricia in Yellow Springs


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