Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thanks for being forthcoming

Thank you for being so forthcoming and clear about where funding comes from and where it goes. Much could be said but I'm going to confine this comment to Miami University's role., Eons ago, I went away to a Christian liberal arts college in another state. The experience was exhilarating but for various reasons, including money and proximity to home, I decided to transfer to Miami for my junior and senior years., I quickly discovered that, in spite of its reputation, passing classes at Miami was much, much easier than it had been at the small school. Over the years I often said I received all my education in the first two years, although I was happy to put Miami U on my resume for the favorable reactions it received.

A factor in working life over the past forty years is the growing need for lifelong learning. In my role as a human resource manager, I’ve strongly beaten the drum for continuous learning and the individual’s responsibility to attend to their own learning needs. The small college I attended has a history of supporting learning through adult and alumni programs. What I discovered over twenty-five years ago was the daily learning opportunities available through public radio programming, WMUB being by far the best purveyor where I live. Every radio’s primary preset in my house and car is tuned to 88.5 and the shortcut to streaming audio is saved in IE’s Favorites, Along with my growing appreciation for WMUB has come my growing respect for and pride in Miami University.

You mention that Miami is concentrating on the classroom, but that alone is shortsighted. A university enjoying Miami’s reputation and state funding has an obligation to take education outside the classroom. What better way than through the highest quality broadcasting resources available. , If there is any area Miami can support outside the classroom, it should be WMUB. $115,000 is roughly the cost of 1.5 professors, who could not reach as many people or cover the broad range of topics WMUB odes. What better way to market its education mission, perform an essential community service, and provide high caliber entertainment than through quality public broadcasting. While the public has an obligation to support what nourishes it, the organization supplying the nourishment needs to fulfill its responsibilities through all available channels., WMUB should not wrestle with shrinkage but growth, with Miami University doing its share, and then some.

--Gail Moeller, Dayton


At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miami is hardly hurting for money. There are many excesses in every single department that might be trimmed. But some excesses are protected by politics or by special interests.


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