Monday, December 11, 2006

Suggestions for fundraising

I appreciate your recent letter and I write this to simply offer my thoughts as to the financial status of WMUB. It goes without saying that public radio and WMUB is important part of our life or I would not be writing. In most non-profit organizations there are troubling winds that are blowing and it is important, in my opinion, that management not only belt tighten but more importantly examine new and differing approaches to giving and fund raising. I offer the following comments:

1., I question the viability or desirability of WMUB continuing with its HD radio service and the streams that are available, while such concepts are forward thinking and desirable, the question must be the benefit in additional listeners versus the costs.

2., WMUB like any significant non-profit, must have a board that oversees fund raising and the board should bring to the discussion table various backgrounds. I would suggest an advisory board that would have a charge of developing fund raising goals and concepts to develop and implement fund raising policy.

3., I have long wondered whether the semi annual fund drives are the best way of raising needed funds. Some organizations that have historically used such approaches have now deviated and have opted for large annual galas with charity auctions, which would seem to have the potential to raise far more than the combined monies from the fall and spring fund drives. Other approaches are also available but I believe you may well find continuing reduced support using the semi annual fund drives because generally people grown tired of traditional find raising but want to give in new and more creative ways.

In conclusion, while my wife and I are retired, we will attempt to do more for WMUB, but a very serious evaluation of service versus needs of the consuming listener would seem to be immediately appropriate coupled with all fund raising activities being led by a motivated empowered board. Good luck.

--name withheld by request, Camden, OH


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