Monday, December 18, 2006

More fundraising suggestions

I heard your statement this morning about funding and money for WMUB.

Take this as a suggestion only: If WMUB could obtain business ads (?) or even individual donors for particular programs for $5.00 per hour for fifteen hours per day, it would generate approximately $26,000 per year. (Something to the effect of: This hour is brought to by Macy's or Bob's Chevron or The Dayton Mall, with over 100 stores. A similar statement would be made at the end of the hour.) A $10.00 rate could generate about $52,000 per year. This is not easy, but nothing that generates money is. As an example, I am sure there are individuals or stores who would like to support Mama Jazz to some degree or another.

This is similar to people who support the station for a day at $120.00 and in addition to those gifts.

Also, I would like to see events where WMUB is the beneficiary, such as a movie. (The $20.00 charge for the last one was too much.)

I do have some other thoughts and will try and pass them on later in several days.

In any case, generating extra cash is difficult.



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