Friday, April 27, 2007

The only station on our radios

We are members of WMUB.  I think WMUB is the only radio station programmed on our radios, including the car.  We depend on WMUB for news and views we cannot get on any other Public Radio station and we refuse to listen to the talk shows on radio, either the right or the left.  We want balanced reporting and discussion and WMUB provides it to a couple of people who are very involved and running a lot.  Thanks.

Morning Edition, including Saturday and Sunday's weekend editions are always on and the radio usually stays on until the end of All Things Considered. 

If there is programing in the evening we want to hear we do so, but usually we switch over to Public Television.

We like the format of WMUB and while we have access to two other public radio stations we generally stick to the one station that fits our life style, WMUB.

--James & Roberta Farinet


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