Monday, April 30, 2007

WMUB enriches the university and the community

I am one of of those Oxford residents that has all of her radio
stations (car radio, kitchen radio, radio-alarm clock, radio at
work ... ) tuned to WMUB and I have, at times, remained in my car
after I arrived to my destination in order to continue listening to a
particularly meaningful piece. I know I am one of many to have such
relationship to WMUB. Having WMUB available is one of the
advantages I find in living in a university town and I like living in
the kind of community that supports and endows the local radio
station. If WMUB had to either drastically reduce their national
broadcasting or to dismantle the radio station altogether, it would
be a great loss to me and to our community.

I wake up to the news and welcome WMUB mixture of local, national and
international news. Mostly, I enjoy the in depth nature of its
newscasting as well as the thoughtful conversations that take place
in the talk shows. I particularly value the fact that the news and
commentaries that WMUB broadcasts are relatively independent of
advertisement and market forces. I would probably not even listen to
radio were it not for the quality of programing that WMUB currently

I hope that in evaluating the value that Miami University places in
supporting WMUB, the committee would consider how much WMUB
enriches not only the university but also the community as well as
the relationship between the two.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

--Merce Caballero, Oxford, Ohio 45056


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