Monday, April 30, 2007

Area needs a public station

The area served by WMUB has its own identity, its own character.

Although the issues that its listeners face may be comparable to those faced by listeners in the denser markets of Cincinnati and northern Kentucky, the particular mixture of concerns here argues for a public radio station to address these concerns.  As an example, Hamilton County is unquestionably an urban county.   An examination of the swath of territory of the WMUB listening area embraced by parts of Indiana, Butler County and Dayton yields a somewhat different profile of communities: old and struggling like Hamilton, rapidly suburbanizing like Liberty Township, farms under pressure from development and, of course, the university's special place.

Consequently, a public radio station here is an essential as a forum in which these different communities can see the forces that animate them all.

WMUB has explained well the pressures it faces, especially the smaller market it serves.   Because this station serves its listeners well, I hope that ways are found to support it so it may continue its service.  Miami University plays such a special role; one can reasonably expect it to increase its support of WMUB.  I will continue to do my part.

--Steve Dana, Oxford


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