Monday, April 30, 2007

WMUB bridges Miami and the area

WMUB bridges the university and the surrounding area. As a community member totally disinterested in sports, WMUB keeps me in touch with the arts, the intellectual side of the university and the global perspective. My radio is turned on during workday hours. I am always grateful for the professionalism and high quality of the broadcasting; however, when pedestrian student programming takes over, my radio goes off.

When I look at Miami University and see vast sums of money spent on athletic programs, a high rise parking garage that stands almost empty after filling streets with construction dust for over a year, ruthless amounts spent on administrative advising, waste almost beyond belief in food services, and dormitories with personal housekeeping for students, I can't help but wonder where are values are directed. I have always believed that a university is to be an institution of higher learning, teaching and research. Miami seems to be moving in the direction of a Club Med.

I will admit that I am one of the volunteer participants in WMUB programming. My work for the station has been enriching to me personally and to the
community at large. I have received outstanding coaching and direction from the WMUB professional staff, and I am most grateful for this special opportunity in my artisanal life.

WMUB is our lifeblood; we must keep its pulse strong with funding and support. 

--Mary Jo McMillin, Oxford

[Chef Mary Jo is a regular guest on WMUB's Free Advice]


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