Tuesday, May 01, 2007

WMUB is essential

Dear WMUB evaluating committee,

WMUB is essential.  WMUB is simply a necessary part of our community as well as a necessary part of the lives of many many individuals.

Make no recommendations and take no action that could place WMUB's viability in any degree of jeopardy.  Rather, I ask that this committee make recommendations and find ways to protect and enhance WMUB so that this vital community resource can continue and perhaps grow even more vibrant.

If the issue is that Miami needs to cut back on something, WMUB should be very close to the bottom of that list (and the issue is obviously not with the quality of WMUB).  The University's duty to protect and help provide National Public Radio and local broadcast services to our community is far more important than new signs or new computers or any new building.  In my mind this duty ranks as only somewhat less important than our solemn obligation to protect and maintain the William Holmes McGuffey collection for the benefit of the nation and our history (the maintenance of this collection is more important, in the big picture, than even the continuation of our University).

I close by reiterating:  WMUB is essential.  Do not put it in any sort of jeopardy; protect it thoroughly.  If Miami must cut corners, this is not the place.

--Genevieve O'Malley Knight, Oxford


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