Tuesday, May 01, 2007

WMUB and Education

Did not appreciate NPR, PRI and BBC until I was out of school a few years (graduated Miami 1983), living in other cities, and seeking better and more extensive information. Have been a listener and supporter of WMUB for the last few years after returning to the area. Found that the variety of your 9am shows, two hours of Diane Rehm and two hour of Talk Of The Nation the most effective listening time for me in the Cincinnati-Hamilton-Dayton area. Also listen to and support 'VXU for the BBC and signal strength in Cincinnati. The recent 'VXU changes have practically mirrored your day schedule and, I suspect, undercut your slice of the Cinci' market. Why should I or other Cincinnatians continue with 'MUB? My history with Miami and Oxford are personal reasons, but as far as the objective reasons for others to....

Some possible changes:
A chance to develop more local programs? More emphasis on the Butler-Montgomery-Warren county markets?
Pursue other NPR program options? Newer unique programs as the reaction to VXU's changes?
Hi-tech or Internet Only routes to parallel technical advances (beware the plight of 97X)?
Switch to XM?

How about a PhD or MA thesis for finding the best route in fulfilling the university and/or Public Radio's role, as the most diverse and objective source for news and entertainment - in a very competitive market (further compromised by reduced funding and technically splintered audience). Overall, I hope the university can remember MUB's continuation as the best route to teach fair and effective broadcasting/journalism for Miami students (while providing a needed public service)?

Will be listening for, I hope, a wide range of solutions. Thanks and good luck.

--Marty Palmerton '83


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