Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Continue to support WMUB

Please continue to support WMUB!  The goal of a university is to promote a high level of discourse between people with divergent interests.  WMUB is part of that mission, bringing that high level of understanding and debate to a wider audience than just those who may live and work on campus.  In this day and age of multiplying media methods, WMUB has worked to keep up with its podcasts and streaming audio.  It has a broad audience through these means with people calling in from Alaska and military bases around the world contributing to its continuing support.  I know, I have worked the phones during their fundraising periods.

This station deals with local issues with the 9 AM programming, repeated at 7 pm.  It also deals with national issues with the Diane Rehm Show, Morning Edition, All Things Considered and others.  It's attempts to bring in programming for more diverse audiences have not always met with a favorable reception.  However, I'm personally in favor of bringing back Tavis Smiley.

Although his delivery could at times get preachy, he definitely brought in a point of view that positively contributed to the dialogue on mainstream issues.

In an age when the American people, and the media the watch, seem to be dividing more and more, WMUB offers programming that appeals to all and still tries to deliver balanced reporting.  It is therefore more trusted than any other station in this area.

As a truth teller, it is also increasingly necessary to an informed electorate.

Please keep WMUB on the air in its present news and information format.

Thank you for your time.

--Bonita Porter


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