Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Listening in Indianapolis

Three or four years ago I made frequent trips from Indianapolis to Dayton. I was often home in Indy by dinner time but occasionally it would be 9:00 or so. In fiddling with the radio when running late I found WMUB and specifically, Mama Jazz. I was able to get the signal until I reached the east edge of Indy and then I wished that you had a little more power. When I learned that I could get your programming on my computer, I was overjoyed. Now, I can have Mama [Phyllis] and then the guys who do "All night Jazz" in the background as I plug away on the computer. I've turned a couple of friends on to it and another who lives about 30 miles east of Indy gets your signal and told me they had already been listening to you on their radios.

The local PBS station used to have a four hour jazz program on weekday afternoons but they dropped it several years ago. The Univ. of Indpls has Jazz on weekday afternoons and Sat nights and that's about the extent of the  local jazz airing. For a city that has turned out so many fine Jazz musicians, you wouldn't know it by listening to the local radio stations. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the upcoming three-night-celebration of Slide Hampton's 75th birthday [local boy makes good!] due to being scheduled for hospitalization at the time.

Whatever happens to WMUB in the future, I hope you continue to air the kind of music that is so hard to find on the radio.


--Mike Robbins, Indianapolis


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