Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Likes WMUB

I would like to tell you how much I enjoy WMUB.  My mailing address is Okeana, OH, where I can hear several good public radio stations:  WGUC, WVXU, and WNKY.  I can get the national news shows from any of the other stations, but I prefer listening to WMUB.  I get the weather for my area, not Cincinnati.  I even like the school closing list in the winter.  It gives me a good idea of where the roads are worse, so I have better idea of which roads to take to work.  I really like the local programming that is broadcast at 9 am and 7 PM during the week.  I learn about a lot of things that I would not cone in contact with otherwise.

In addition, I like the call-in shows.  After 9/11, the station asked people's opinion about going to war in Afghanistan.  I called in and said I was opposed to it.  I was in favor of all the other things the government was doing, such as cutting off the terrorists' financial support.  From your station, I hear what other people in my area think, not just what people in Cincinnati think.

I especially like the music that Mama Jazz plays.  She plays good music every evening and Sunday morning.  WMUB has other jazz shows, and other stations play jazz at times. but the music just fades into the background.  It's better than some other kinds of music, but it doesn't move me like the music Mama Jazz plays.  In case you weren't aware of it, she has a national listening audience.  People outside WMUB's range listen on their computers.

I think your radio station gives listeners a good opinion of your school.  If potential students from outside the area look up the location of the university on a map, they might think it's in the middle of nowhere, but if they listen to the station, they hear professionals presenting prize-wining news stories, well-educated local citizens giving advice and calling in with questions and comments.  They don't hear uneducated people shouting each other down.

If you withhold your financial support, a lot of the people that you educated would not have access to local news; they would have to listen to Dayton's news, Richmond's news, or Cincinnati's news.  There is no newspaper that covers your listening area; you're the only source

--Sandra, Okeana


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