Wednesday, May 02, 2007

MU's status would be diminished

We are writing to urge the committee to recommend to Miami University President David Hodge that the university continue its support of WMUB at the same proportional level as it has in past years.

Making NPR and high quality local programming readily available to residents of Butler County is one of the most effective ways that MU can fulfill its responsibility to educate and give back to the community in which is located.  Moreover, throughout its listening area, it makes potential students aware of the university and its opportunities.

MU's status as a university of high quality would be seriously diminished if this important tool for public education were abandoned.  Priorities for university support should be weighted toward activities that improve the intellectual life of the community. 

Clearly listeners also must contribute their share of station support, but is seems evident that MU should be able to continue its commitment, given the size of its budget. If radio fund raising campaigns dominate programming because of reduced university support, listeners will be lost.  WMUB should not be put into the same position as WVXU which now requires extensive fund raising efforts due to its change in ownership.

--Dr. Joel Fink and Dr. Doris Bergen, Hamilton


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