Monday, May 07, 2007

What would we do without WMUB?

As devoted members and supporters of WMUB for at least the last 25 years, we cherish and appreciate the incisive, informative programming the station brings us each and every day. In this complex, increasingly tumultuous world in whch we live, being an informed citizen is a duty, and supporting WMUB is a major key to fulling that duty. Listening to WMUB we feel part of an extended family that includes other listeners and the wonderful staff. We enjoy so many of the programs than inform us on what is going on both locally, nationally, and globally. We hear thoughtful commentary from around the world. learn updates in all fields, and of course the humor and entertaining shows are wonderful-Prairie Home Companion, Car Talk, Puzzle Master, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and it goes on. What would we do without WMUB-we shudder to think.
--Michael and Theresa (Terry) Beck, Oxford


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