Monday, May 07, 2007

Vital link between Miami and the community

WMUB is important to the community and the cost is worth it.  The station touches 1,000's of peoples lives and promotes MU's name in the region.   The money is well spent as a promotional tool for the university.  I worked north of Dayton and when I told people was from Oxford, many of them knew WMUB.

 Locally it is essential for communicating local new and information and building a community. It is a vital link between the university and the community.  I have contributed for years and years to MUB because it is important. 

I KNOW MONEY IS TIGHT but WMUB is the university's most important public relations tool.  To be blunt, I think shutting down the station will increase the perception that the University does not care much about the community and that is a very high cost in my opinion.  I hope that funds can be diverted from an aspect of the university that does not impact as many people on a daily basis as WMUB does. 

Please save the only local radio station.

--Bernadette Unger, Oxford





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