Monday, May 07, 2007

Keep up the great radio

Each day I turn on WMUB to learn what's happening in the world.  I get it from NPR's news programs and their talk programs which are done in a non-partisan manner and are aimed at informing us in-depth about some aspects of our world today.  Whenever a colleague wants to talk about an event in Iraq, China or in Washington, I add to the discussion with the news I have, and I always preface it with "I heard on WMUB..." or "I heard on NPR..."

If I may have one suggestions, I would enjoy hearing more local (Oxford and Butler County) news and I wish students could play a larger role in doing so.  I understand Cleve's idea about the number of members in the south Dayton area and so on...but I suspect that the interpretation of those statistics may be faulty.  I do think there are many "silent to financial support" listeners within the Oxford and university community.

My other comments are fairly minor...I enjoy nearly all of the programs.  I do hope that when Mama Jazz retires (in several years I hope) that WMUB will find a way to continue with her style of music.  Personally, I am one of the diehards (probably only a few dozen of us left) who misses the daytime big band music that gave way to the talk format.   BUT, please don't change back because there are few of us diehards left and the local and national talk shows, especially Diane Rehm and News & Notes with Ed Gordon, are so excellent.

Keep up the great radio and best of luck on your efforts to raise funding in order to continue to effectively achieve WMUB's mission.  

--Joe Leonard, Oxford, member of WMUB


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