Monday, May 07, 2007

Station is in MU's best interest

When I joined the MU faculty in 1973, I soon became a regular listener of WMUB, primarily on account of the Mama Jazz show that struck me as highly unusual and delightful. Over the decades I noticed a steady improvement of the radio station: In the programming a switch from daytime music to talk shows and the creation of the five local talk shows; also in the quality of the staff, as well as the students.

To the general audience not connected to the university, WMUB is the only "product" of Miami University they have access to and that reflects the quality of the university. If the radio station is excellent, the university must be excellent. Therefore it seems to be in MU's best interest to assure the financial stability of its radio station and thereby maintaining its positive reflection of the university's excellence.

--Gisela Bahr, Oxford


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