Thursday, May 10, 2007

WMUB is a treasure

I am a 7-year resident of Richmond, Indiana and have listened to WMUB for the time I have lived in the area. I am also a soon-to-be graduate of Miami University (PhD, Educational Leadership) so I can appreciate the institutional culture and values of the University.

WMUB is a treasure. I have lived in several different college towns with college radio stations and WMUB by far is the most professional, journalistic, and with the best, most informative and entertaining programming I have had the pleasure of tuning in to. I think it serves as an excellent ambassador for Miami to the surrounding Indiana and Ohio communities and for many of us, WMUB remains one of the only places we can hear a diversity of programs and opinions in this area.

I recognize that such a service comes with expenses. I do believe the station ought to be held accountable to raising a reasonable amount of funds to support its operation and upkeep. However, if Miami needs to pitch in to support the continued operation of the station I think it is money well spent and ought to be placed in the year to year operating budget. I hope you realize how well the station reflects on Miami University. If a university is to be the "city on the hill" first envisioned by those who came to America hoping to create an enlightened and engaged citizenry, then one of the clearest ways you can do that is by supporting and enriching what is going on with your public radio station.

As a soon to be alum, I will look with gratitude upon the university if it chooses to take this path. On the other hand, if it chooses the path of "cost containment" in the face of such ostentatious spending as the new Ice Arena and the adjacent parking facility, I will find it hard to support the institution with kind words, or perhaps more importantly, financially.

Thank you for your efforts in looking into this matter.

--Jay Roberts, Assistant Professor, Education and Environmental Studies; Director, Wilderness Program, Earlham College


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