Friday, May 11, 2007

WMUB enhances the image of Miami

I offer the following comments on WMUB and its relationship to Miami University.

WMUB has changed materially since I came here in 1977. The classical music is gone. In its place have evolved one of the best programmed stations I have encountered nation-wide, including the renowned Wisconsin and Minnesota systems. It is rare to have fluff on WMUB.

The image of Miami University is substantially enhanced by its association and support of WMUB. While this may be self-evident, in the case of our neighbor station in Cincinnati, WGUC, the University of Cincinnati has taken a big hit by its drop of support for the station and dissociation from the station. WVXU has taken less of a hit, and there is a feeling that there is still a strong association between Xavier and WVXU.

I would hope that Miami U. will continue to maintain its association and support of WMUB. We don't need a diminution of MU's image of the kind that would result from severing the connection.

--Gene E. Willeke, Ph.D., P.E., Professor of Geography Emeritus, Miami University, Oxford


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