Monday, May 14, 2007

WMUB plays positive role

I have been listening to WMUB for 11 years.  I think this station is so important to a community the size of Oxford for local news and coverage.  When we want to know more about a local story of interest in the surrounding area or at Miami, we check the website and of course, turn on WMUB.  On a cold snowy morning we check the website for school cancellations or delays.

Since Oxford only has a weekly newspaper, I believe it is critical to have a gem like WMUB to keep citizens informed of news stories locally, nationally and internationally.  My family enjoys Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Click and Clack, as well as some non-commercial radio riding in the car with our children. WMUB has played an important role in teaching our five-year old about the war in Iraq.  It is much too graphic to watch news on television with indelible images not yet appropriate for children, however listening on the radio allows us to explain and gives my children the freedom to create (hopefully less violent) images in their own mind.  Just this morning we were discussing wildfires, based on the stories of Missouri and Florida...this is when I decided it was my turn to share how important this radio station is to our lives. 

Raising children in a super-charged commercial environment like America is difficult. In our household, we rely heavily on PBS and public radio to help us keep our kids innocent and protected from the sometimes viciousness of advertising.  We can enjoy a priceless gift and peace of mind listening to WMUB and the appropriateness of their programming.  When we turn on WMUB's music (of all varieties) I can rest assured there will be no inappropriate lyrics and it is safe for a three and five year old to listen to and repeat whatever they hear.

I can't say enough about the positive role WMUB plays in our own family and hope this continues for many years to come.  Oxford and Miami both need this radio station, I can't imagine a campus this size without a fabulous radio station like WMUB to help keep all of us informed.
--Carmen, Oxford


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