Monday, May 14, 2007

WMUB is the only option

Thank you for the opportunity to share my appreciation for WMUB. I
often refer to Dayton as "the vast radio wasteland." I'm afraid
there simply isn't decent, informative, objective programming
available in this market. As far as I can tell in the six years we
have lived locally, WMUB is the only option. I wake up to WMUB,
listen to it while I shower and dress, and always have it on in my
car. I rarely ever read the paper any longer and television news is,
quite frankly, sophomoric and disgusting. NPR via WMUB is virtually
my only source of news and I am most appreciative for it. We do
support WMUB with contributions and sincerely hope you will continue
to support this outstanding public service and voice for Miami

--Paul and Mariann Strozier, Englewood


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