Thursday, May 17, 2007

WMUB is a very rare voice

I understand that you're currently discussing the future of WMUB, and I wanted to write to tell you how valuable I believe the radio station is. My family lives in Richmond, IN, and we just lost our local station (89.3), so we're especially interested in keeping WMUB around.  We are members of WMUB (under my wife's name, Rachel Gartner), and listen to it very frequently.  WMUB is a very rare voice in these parts, where a fairly monolithically conservative perspective is by far the most dominant take on the news.  I believe that conservative views are important in our contemporary discourse, but they shouldn't be the only views.  What WMUB does is allow a wider range of opinions to be heard -- both by people desperate to take in some liberal perspectives (along with the conservative folk on WMUB's programs) and people who are encountering these diverse views for the first time.  WMUB helps people of all political stripes to stay informed and to learn and grow.  We would be much reduced without it.

--David Harris Ebenbach, Visiting Professor, English, Earlham College, Richmond


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