Tuesday, May 15, 2007

WMUB reflects positively on Miami

I feel it necessary to comment about WMUB.  The station is part of my daily routine.  It is where I not only receive national news, but local news as well.  During the times when I am away from a radio, I listen online.  Because of online listening, one could mistakenly say that WMUB as an entity is unnecessary, most of the programming could be found on NPR.org.  However, that would not provide the local news, which WMUB provides in an intelligent manner.
Without WMUB, there would also not be the 9am block of local programing, which is informative and educational. 
WMUB reflects positively on Miami University.  For us listeners, this concern over the fate of the station is causing us to think negatively about the University.
Thank you for allowing comments to be made.
--Lisa C. Boggs, Lewisburg, Ohio


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