Thursday, May 17, 2007

Can MU afford NOT to continue WMUB?

I understand this committee has been formed to assess the worth of WMUB to the university as well as to the wider audience it serves.
As a loyal community listener since 1981, I cannot stress too strongly the importance of having WMUB at Miami University.  First, we need an impartial intelligent public radio station giving us news on a daily basis. We also need programs which bring together people from various backgrounds not usually represented in the popular media giving us their perspectives.  For example, I have appreciated hearing about African-American views on "News and Notes" and now on "Tell Me More".  Diversity is one of the "signatures" of WMUB, from "Prairie Home Companion" to "Mama Jazz" and "Car Talk".  As an Oxford resident, I don't usually read about Dayton but I get Dayton news via WMUB.  During my commuting days, I never missed "All Things Considered" in the car--and, yes, I am one who sits in the driveway, listening until an episode is over.

Now I have the chance to listen to "The Diane Rehem Show" as well.  I have been known to cancel Saturday night activities to listen to Garrison Keillor and now enjoy his "Writer's Almanac".  There are other public radio stations in the area but Miami University should have its own unique station with its own interns,  staff and approach to  radio programming.

Speaking of interns, as I've volunteered  during WMUB fund raisers over the years, I have observed the student interns and the excellent program WMUB gives them. It would be a shame not to give these students this experience on our campus.  I have also been on community programs with Cheri Lawson who provides essential  outreach .  It is my observation that Cleve Callison is not only an excellent manager but also has a true public spirit, always available to the wider community.   The entire staff works extremely hard to provide a top quality radio station.  Can MU afford NOT to continue It?    I understand the university has many priorities and I certainly hope WMUB continues to be one of them.  Please feel free to contact me for other comments if desired.

--Cynthia G. Kelley, Oxford


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