Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hopes support will continue

I enjoy most of the programing on WMUB very much. I am a member and will continue to contribute. However, I do not like the desperate sounding message coming from the management of the station when it comes to membership recruitment efforts. It sounds as if the University is in the process of abandoning financial commitment to the station. I know difficult decisions need to me made in these more stressful budget times. But I feel that free communication and the student's voices need to be expressed in this era of conservatives and the religious right bomb basting everything that they find distasteful. NPR offers a more balanced view.

I am not in favor of your locally produced Monday show, Interconnect. It is way too religious for me. Instead, I think you should involve the students of the university, and perhaps local or university people in dialog in some type of program. The other locally produced programs provide real value, and I am sure they could could up with something better than Interconnect. There are many topics that could be addressed by this type of forum. As it is, there is very little student input into the programming (that I listen to during the day). The noise coming from the university is more usually about drinking problems and a lack of  safety on the campus and around town. I think it is important for students to be involved in the local campus, community and the world. Perhaps they only view the world through the internet. But they need to find a way to communicate with rest of  the community not tied to the internet as the only means of communication.

I think the station does a good of programming and providing the surrounding community information it needs. I wish your signal were stronger so I could hear it in the car. As it is now, I only listen on the internet in my office. Also, as an aside, in the early afternoon, another station comes on the air at 88.3 that interferes with your signal. I don't know where it comes from, but it is very annoying.

I hope the committee finds a way to continue to support WMUB and not destroy the station as UC did when it bought  and took over WVXU Xavier's station.

--David M. Allen, Hamilton


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