Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WMUB represents the university

I am a professor at IUPUI, but I live in Richmond, IN.  I have been impressed with the presence that WMUB gives Miami University in the community.  The radio station represents the University to the local area in a way that no other mechanism can and in a way I have not seen with any other NPR stations.  I would encourage you to expand the University's presence in the programming and to not give up the radio station. It represent an opportunity for all of us to hear more about the thoughts of the faculty and their scientific work. This is a gift both to the university and to us in the community.  The radio station is like the voice of the university.  I do not find this true of the Indianapolis station, the Cincinnati station or the Muncie station.  This is probably why I prefer WMUB to all of these.

Don't lose this opportunity to show the value of solid information, reasoning, and knowledge to the community, especially one as economically depressed as western Ohio and eastern Indiana.

WMUB  represents now and can do even more in the future to present the voice of informed reasoning and scholarship to those who cannot go to university or to those who have been away from the university.

It is an opportunity to bring knowledge to everyone.  Don't give this up!

--Dr. Jan Beckstrand, Ph.D., M.S., R.N., FAAN


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