Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still in shock

I am still in shock that WMUB is “leaving.” I want to thank everyone associated with WMUB for all the joy, companionship, spiritual growth, education, news - that you have brought to me.

A guest on Diane Rehm this week used the term “circle of intimates.” Radio is certainly an intimate medium, and I have considered all of you my circle of friends as I listen each day at home, at work and in the car. We moved to Richmond, IN, 36 years ago and we have never found a better public radio station, near or far. I’ve especially enjoyed Interconnect and Free Advice and want to thank Cheri and John for all the energy and love they put into these programs.

I want to “live” all that I’ve learned on Interconnect, so I know that change is a good thing, and I truly believe that all of you will have adventures in your future that are even more and even better than your adventure at WMUB.

I wish everyone the best, and appreciate all you have given your listeners.


--Cindy, Richmond


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