Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amazed at the value WMUB has added

As a grad student, I had the privilege to host Miami Music Hall and All Things Considered on WMUB in 1975-'76. I know times are tough and getting tougher in and out of the radio business and that fiscal priorities must be set for the "greater good." That being said along with you and your staff I mourn the loss of local programming on WMUB.

As an interested observer, I've watched the improvements in programming and outreach to the community you've made over the past years. I'm amazed at the value you've added to the NPR product. Your management of the limited resources available to you has not only extended WMUB's reach and impact but also served the Dayton-Cincinnati corridor in very positive ways. I'm amazed at what you all have been able to accomplish. I'm equally certain you extended the local life of the station through forward thinking and leadership. Thank you for that.

I'm certain Cincinnati Public Radio will do a fine job carrying the NPR flag in the years to come but there will always be something missing for me. I'll continue to support public radio but as teacher of communications on the high school level I will no longer have you and your staff to point to as examples of creativity, dedication and professionalism. Best of luck now and in the future.


--Dave, Hamilton


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