Sunday, June 24, 2007

WMUB bridges town/gown divide

I find it alarming that an educational institution of Miami's caliber is spending time and energy, both of which equate to $s being spent, to even consider eliminating the one program at Miami University that comes remotely close to bridging the town/gown divide; a program that allows Miami University to give back to the community that supports it; a program that, by its very nature, contributes to lifelong learning. The radio is one of the first communication instruments to begin to bring the world into homes, to "extend frontiers of knowledge" and "serve society."  Students deserve to have other outlets from which they can make informed decisions; be introduced to and come to appreciate and understand other cultures.  As a MU grad, I am saddened Miami seems to have forgotten its mission. Below is Miami's mission. It is my hope that it's importance has not been lost in the process.

The mission of Miami University is to preserve, add to, evaluate, and transmit the accumulated knowledge of the centuries; to develop critical thinking, extend the frontiers of knowledge, and serve society; and to provide an environment conducive to effective and inspired teaching and learning, promote professional development of faculty, and encourage scholarly research and creativity of faculty and students...

Miami is committed to serve the community, state, and nation. It offers access to higher education, including continuing education, for those who can benefit from it, at a reasonable cost, without regard for race, creed, sex, or age. It educates men and women for responsible, informed citizenship, as well as for meaningful employment. It provides both disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to the pursuit of knowledge and to the solving of problems. It sponsors a wide range of cultural and educational activities which have significance beyond the campus and the local community.

I urge the committee to give serious thought to WMUB's value to Miami students, faculty and staff, and to the community in which Miami resides.

--Catherine, Miami ’90


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