Thursday, June 21, 2007

Value Miami's role

Please do NOT  make any additional cuts to WMUB.  Being a resident of Indiana, and with limited reception from Cincy, we are totally dependent on WMUB for information and enlightened viewpoints.  It is incredibly difficult to get a balanced view in Richmond, IN.  We rely so heavily on NPR, specifically WMUB, that you are contributing in a very large sense to the education of the citizenry of Ohio and Indiana; not just educating the students at Miami.  Our son is a graduate of Miami and I just can't fathom  the universitynot caring about the educational qualities that WMUB provides to all of us. We are day sponsors annually and value the financial role Miami has given to support WMUB.  PLEASE continue your full support of the station, and find alternative ways to cut your expenses.

--Concerned WMUB supporter, JoAnne Sobol


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