Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Positive impact on my opinion of Miami

I am a resident of Ross Township and an avid listener and financial supporter of WMUB.  I just wanted to take a moment to convey to you the value that I see in WMUB and Miami University's continued support of the radio station.

* As a transplant from California, I very much appreciate the diverse perspectives and topics reported on by NPR in general and WMUB specifically.  In my opinion, they do a much better job at representing varying viewpoints than most other news organizations.  

* When I first moved to this area, I had heard of Miami U. but did not know much about it.  Knowing that Miami is a strong supporter of public radio has had an extremely positive impact on my opinion of the University.

*WMUB provides me with a unique link to the Miami University community and campus events.  I have attended several lectures and concerts on campus which I would never have known about had they not been publicized on WMUB.  Simply hearing about the variety of speakers and cultural events being sponsored by Miami U. has strongly influenced my perception of the University, and my regard for it as a first-class liberal arts University. 

I firmly believe that WMUB is a valuable asset to the local community, as well as an irreplaceable asset to Miami University.  I strongly encourage the Committee to recommend that the University continue its current level of financial support for WMUB.

--Heather, Ross Township


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