Monday, June 11, 2007

Educating Ohioans

How disappointing that Miami University would consider reducing support of WMUB/FM! 
For me WMUB is a lifeline to news with insight, background on current important issues, ideas and people, in-depth news and a variety of views and opinions which cause me to think and explore issues. It is also great information on topics I enjoy learning more about and a source of enjoyable jazz.  All this seems like providing education to Ohioans which I believe is the mission of Miami University.
If anything, Miami University should consider supporting a stronger signal for WMUB or repeater stations to cover the greater Dayton area more reliably.  Dayon enjoys only fair reception of WMUB and poor reception of WOSU/AM. The marginal reception of PBS in the Dayton area seems a missed opportunity.
Please consider that part of Miami University's mission  that can strengthened  through
Miami's strong support and involvement in WMUB. 
--Jim Getty, Centerville, a proud supporter of WMUB


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