Friday, June 01, 2007

Excellent outreach for Miami

I listen to WMUB daily at work and now have several additional co-workers who do the same.  The programming is excellent and is far superior to any other radio station I am able to receive either over the air or by streaming over the internet.  None of the other stations have the quantity or quality of talk programming that you offer.  I appreciate the balanced discussions of such a wide variety of topics.  The NPR programming including Diane Rehm, Fresh Air, and Talk of the Nation are truly exceptional.   The local programming is also excellent, especially the "Help Desk" and "Free Advice" segments.  I look forward to them and find that I'm actually able to better concentrate on my work tasks than I can with music programing and that, as an additional bonus, I'm now better informed about a wide variety of topics. 
I also feel that WMUB is an excellent outreach and public relations outlet for Miami University.  I've learned more about Miami and have a much more positive view of the school as a result of WMUB.  I became a member a year ago and will continue to renew my membership annually. 
Thank you for continuing to provide such excellent, reliable programming.  I am never surprised when I hear listeners calling in from across the country and around the world as they listen to the audio stream from your website.  Your station is truly one of the best in the country and deserves your continued support.
Thank you for making my work day much more interesting and informative.
--Marian, Trotwood


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