Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Priceless addition to our culture

I am a proponent of Miami U. continuing to fund and provide support to WMUB!

THE station is my favorite, it is on my computor whenever I go on-line and in space #1 on my cars radio.

Last week, while on the way to visit my mother-in-law in Michigan, I listened to WMUB for as long as I could on my way North through Indiana.  When IT was no longer available, I searched in vain for a station as good as WMUB.  When returning 5 days later, I searched and searched until WMUB again became available in my vehicle.

THE station is a true priceless addition to our culture as a locality and I understand is listened to nationally.  IT really gives a good impression of Miami U. and that it cares about the community and the quality of radio that is available.

Please provide a report to the Miami U. Administration that promotes the continuation of this service.

--Richard, Okeana


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