Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Worst shows are the local ones

I have lived in Richmond now for over 20 years and been listening to WMUB for that amount of time.  This year we supported both WMUB and WVXU.  I gave morre to WVXU because it was my prefered station and I am very disappointed that Richmond can no longer get it.  I will tell you why I wish WMUB would move its programming to be more like WVXU's.

The audience of WMUB is primarily educated, if not highly educated, listeners in Oxford, Richmond, and no doubt other areas.  I doubt if many Miami students are among your listeners because mmost of them don't listen to the types of shows you have.  You don't seem to have students actually doing shows on the radio station.

Frankly, your worst shows are the shows you do locally.  The shows between 9 and 10 every day are difficult to listen to, but unfortunately there is nothing else to listen to if your prefer a talk radio station and don't want to listen to Christian radio.  And when you rerun your local talk shows it is a total waste of time.

The computer help show, the medical call-in show, the "spirituality" shows, are particular examples of shows that frequently seem like a waste of time.  More likely than not, on the computer show a question is asked that has no relevance to anyone but the person asking the question and much time goes by hemming and hawing while not succeeding in getting an answer.  The medical call-in show can be good if there is a person featured who can fill the time intelligently when there are no calls, but sometimes the moderator just goes on and on about nothing.  The so-called spirituality shows are usually a bunch of nonsense.  If they have a following it must be a small group of people who just tune in for them, they're too irritating to listen to unless you are "one of them."  They give public radio time to a fad, in my opinion.  I think most of these local shows appeal to too small a segment of the audience to really succeed.  

WVXU runs Morning Edition again during that 9-10 hour and I much preferred that.  

I don't care for the Michelle Martin show.  I have liked all of the shows with black hosts better than this one.  This one is, simply, boring.  

I am glad you have stopped running most of the old radio comedy shows.  Most of us who have listened to the station have heard all of those two, three, or more times.  I enjoyed them the first couple of times but there were really getting too repetitive.

Another show that WVXU runs that I would like to see you run is BBC news.  

There are some other shows that I have heard in Indianapolis that you don't run that are interesting.  One of them is a lecture series given at some club.  It is always provocative and informative.  It would be a good show for teachers to use for classes because it would lend itself to classroom discussions.  It also goes beyond what NPR can do and features some well-known person giving an opinion on something instead of a balanced point of view.  

Car Talk and Prairie Home Companion and the shows from Chicago are good.  Are you carrying the NPR quiz show, "Wait, WAit Don't Tell Me?"  WVXU had that and it was good.  

--Judith, Richmond


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