Thursday, May 24, 2007

Endow WMUB for national programs

I strongly feel that the future of WMUB lies in the following:
1. Creating a special endowment fund for WMUB;
2. Creating original programming that can be nationally syndicated to NPR affiliated stations.
The creation of an endowment would ensure capital improvements will be made and entice nationally recognized profesionals to work for WMUB .  Creating a nationally syndicated program would involve hiring producers, writers, production staff, and would offer student interns valuable real-world experience.  I've long thought that Mama Jazz was a great opportunity often overlooked for its potential as such a program. 
Regardless of the program developed, it would gain for Miami University the kind of recognition and exposure that decades of public relations and marketing could not accomplish.  In many ways, broadcasting a popular program on the NPR line-up would be more powerful a promotion vehicle for Miami as a winning football program or a national championship in basketball. 
--Mike Anagnostou 


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