Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grateful to Miami

I commute from Oxford to Richmond and listen to wmub most of the way. I also awaken to it at 7:00 each weekday morning.  I deeply value the national reporting, even though I read the New York Times, The Financial Times, and Haaretz most days. The reporting is excellent, and the stories individualized without being quirky. When I drive long distances through areas (and there are some out there) where there is  no NPR, I feel good about living here here where this service is available. May I add that I feel grateful to Miami for providing it?  I dearly hope that this service continues; it confers luster on Miami.

Does this mean that nothing should be changed? Well, reporting the local news could be better by being clearer. Also,there might be some regular programming to report on the writings and research of Miami faculty.

--Robert Southard, Richmond


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