Thursday, May 24, 2007

One of life's joys

In 1947 I was the first Chief Engineer when it was still a "wired wireless" station and if you were on the wrong side of the local power distribution network you received little if anything.  Over the past 60 years WMUB has been one of life's joys and I earnestly hope it will remain so because it is such a far level above the Murdochesque pap we are served on the networks and Fox News.
Not a day goes by that I do not listen to WMUB and programs such as All Things Considered, our beloved Mama Jazz (I suspect that some of my old Kenton and Ellington vinyl lurk in the archives from 1947), Morning Edition, Talk Of The Nation, Fresh Air and Diane Rehm are all pearls beyond price to me.
The committee should look long and hard at ways to continue to support and expand WMUB even, God forbid, it should come to slashing the sports/entertainment operations of the University.
--R. E. van Patten, Ph.D, Retired USAF civilian scientist


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