Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Programming suggestions

Thank you for your invitation to suggest programming.  I have been a longtime WVXU listener.  I was saddened at the recent programming changes when the network was sold.  I used to love the 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM "theater of the mind" block of old-time radio shows.  I come from Connecticut and it seems like every PR station plays the same 'ho-hum' classical music all day long...YAWN!  I was so refreshed to come to OH and discover a public radio station that was interesting, fresh, fun, and the opposite of everything that I had come to hate about public radio.  To hear that the station was being sold and then to find out that my beloved "theater of the mind" was being terminated was a shock and a disappointment.  I know that there are some random times when there are old-time radio shows, scattered through the week, however, I would like to see a regular feature to the mid-day lineup.  The 11-12 spot was a perfect release during the midday.  Something to take our minds off of the problems of the day.

--Bruce Krauth, Greenville


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