Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Close to perfect

I don't know exactly what "gathering feedback on the future of WMUB" means, but it makes my blood freeze to think that WMUB would be diminished.  I've been listening to WMUB for 20 years now, and the station has changed a lot in that time, and much for the better.  I really appreciated it when WMUB began to focus more on news programming.  It became a great balance to WYSO, to which I also listen, switching back and forth almost equally, depending on programs that I enjoy.  Sometimes I prefer music, and sometimes I prefer talk, and between the two stations I can satisfy my every whim.  Many days, especially during the day when I'm running errands in the car, I keep WMUB on all the time.  Evenings and weekends, I'm back and forth, because both stations have programs that I enjoy.  It is a huge benefit to have both these stations with their different focuses in my listening area.
Our home is a bit unique in our dependence on public radio, because 25 years ago, we kicked the TV out of here.  We have four computers but no TV.  None of my four children grew up with a TV or any of the problems associated with that medium.  I have found that the impact of radio on my children is very different than TV.  While TV really does inflict passivity on them, radio does not.  Where the audio-visual medium seems to take over their brain in a very negative way (and I could give you a thesis on our experiences with this) I have found that my kids can listen to the news on the radio without being overwhelmed and we can talk about the information they get more clearly.  My children have become real consumers of news and enlightened citizens much earlier and in a much better way than they would have if they had gotten their news from the TV.  I feel very strongly that human beings do much better taking in knowledge through books and radio than through TV, for many reasons.
Because of this, public radio plays a huge role in our lives.  Public radio is our most important link to the world, both locally and internationally.  WMUB's programming has been fantastic on this point.  The daily schedule of Diane Rehm, Talk of the Nation, Fresh Air, the noon programming, and of course the follow-up by the prima program All Things Considered, are the best way to get the local, national and international news ever.  The weekend programming of Car Talk, Weekend America, This American Life, Tavis Smiley, and Prairie Home Companion are perfect complements to our weekends here. 
WMUB does so many things well.  I have listened to the Help Desk on Tuesday, Free Advice, WMUB Forum, Friday Feedback, and the SoundHealth programming, too.  The local call in programming has been great!  I've called in a few times, too.  Recently I listened to the Woodsongs program, when they had Riders In The Sky on; I remember when we could hear the Riders on WMUB!  That was one of my children's favorite programs.  Now my kids love to listen to Car Talk and Prairie Home Companion as much as I do, among many other programs as well. 
Please consider doing what can be done to keep WMUB as it is now, because it is as close to perfect as it has ever been in the 25 years I've been listening.  Thank you for continuing to support WMUB, as I do as well!
--Ann Davis


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