Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More music than just jazz

I used to listen and contribute regularly to WMUB, primarily for new and for a few shows like Car Talk and Prairie Home Companion.  When WVXU came on line in Richmond, I switched to that station for a single reason -- I could listen to decent music and not have to be exposed to jazz.

As a mathematician, I am told by others that I should love jazz.  But it literally makes me ill (with the exception of a few classic pieces). by the way, I think Momma Jazz is a cool person, just don't like the music she plays. WVXU played some world music (Echos and another show whose name I cannot recall, among others), some jazz, and some classical along with the news and entertainment programs that it shared with WMUB.  I found that much more to my taste.

Now that WVXU has left the air, I listen to news on WMUB every morning, but have to turn to my CD's other times because I have found nothing but jazz on your station.

Please offer some variety in music.  I'll listen more and begin contributing again.

--Richmond listener


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