Thursday, May 31, 2007

Values of freedom and community

When I moved to Richmond I was pleased to find two local NPR stations.  When there was not something that interested me on one then I could listen to the other.  Today, there is only one NPR station and its signal is weak.

WMUB provides an important community service by providing balanced news coverage and a voice for the community.  Corporate stations can never offer such a voice, this is especially true with recent mergers and rulings from the FCC.  When corporate radio stations have the same DJ for 5 or more cities, it truly affects the content and just how in touch the station is with local listeners.

WMUB also provides a level playing field for discussion.  In an area that is overwhelmingly filled with conservative voices and a nation tending towards conservatism this is an important first step.  Democracy depends on open forums such as the one provided by WMUB.

Keep WMUB on the air and continue to protect the values of free thinking, freedom of speech, and the value of community over profit.

--Joseph Tolton, Richmond


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