Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make payments automatic

[sent to WMUB, WYSO, and ThinkTV:]

I’ve been a member of all your stations for several years, or at least I’ve tried to. I’d like to contribute $10/month to each automatically on my credit card until I cancel it or increase it. This minimizes my hassle of renewal, I need not recall when last I pledged each, I don’t have to call/ email in every year requesting a MemberCard, and dig into which ones haven’t been paid and why (as I’m doing tonight). I suspect there are others out there like myself. So I propose you offer this option, and maybe even suggest this deal to everyone whom pledges -- Sign up for on-going automatic payments via checking debit, PayPal, credit card, or other means with an indefinite end date and you’ll be mailed your selected gift automatically each year OR be sent an email listing the items you’re eligible for each year.

You may also want to steer donors to the highest margin payment method (doesn’t credit cards cost you a few percent?). This would provide your station with a more stable income, allows you to better target your direct marketing efforts (only sending the occasional increase-donation request not the renewal and other mass mailings), be a bit more green, and help you minimize pledge drives’ duration. I think you’ll also loose fewer paying members and have fewer downgrades since payments will become almost invisible.

--Kevin in Beavercreek


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