Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stop SoundWords

Stop SOUND WORDS to any member who says "THIS IS TOO EXPENSIVE"…As the news from you is saying....1931 was the last time [the] stock market was that bad. So is this 1931 all over out, WMUB will be the next donation I will drop.....THIRTY BUCKS per year, down the drain. Waste not, want not. I will give you a few weeks to come up with a better solution about how to STOP destroying the generous cash we send you …. You got the brains, but not the right to spend so much cash for copies of SOUND WORDS which usually are "JUNK MAIL" and not essential reading, of course a few listeners will demand the mail, but many will tell you to SAVE THE BUCKS before we all go into the TANK…I do not even want the reduced costs of bulk mailings....I can always listen FOR FREE, with no more bucks to you in any "fund drives".

--Rick in Richmond

[Except for the part about “always” listening for free – if everyone thought that, there would be no “always” -- Rick’s idea is a good one. It’s been possible to request an electronic-only SoundWords for some time, but we haven’t publicized this as much as we should. We’ll start putting an Email notice in future issues of SoundWords (see the February 2009 issue as a PDF, and see how we can most effectively distribute it electronically to those who request it. -- Ed.]


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