Friday, December 14, 2007

Voices have special magic

[Concerning our 2007 re-broadcast of the 1967 WMUB student production of A Christmas Carol, available as a podcast. Ray Smith edited the audio which we used for the broadcast]:

Curious, that even after hearing A Christmas Carol in the process of digitizing and posting it on our own web site here in California, I still had a thrill from hearing it on line from Oxford. And a major part of that thrill was derived from the fact that the signal was also being channeled to a powerful radio transmitter.

I know, the Internet is the most efficient communication machine ever devised, but it has the defects of its virtues: like our L.E.D Christmas lights, it is clean, quiet, and cold. Hearing voices from the ether has a special magic for me, undiminished from that day when I first connected headphones to a crystal radio. Naturally, hearing one's own voice coming out of a tunnel to the past is doubly fascinating. It's proof that yes, we were really there, and yes, we really did that.

Thanks to you for airing this piece. Actors come and go, but Dickens' plea for compassion over self-interest remains on target to this day. It was one more instance of WMUB being relevant to its listeners.

--Ray Smith, Ojai, California


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