Monday, September 17, 2007

A gem of a station

I often think of writing to WMUB--in the car, while I am driving. My husband and I are devoted fans of WMUB. We have steered many others in your direction. The news, the stories, the comentaries-- all are insightful and valuable.

I have worked with scientists who are trying to learn to speak English better and to learn American culture. I always tell them to listen to WMUB. The English of the speakers on WMUB is pretty much flawless, the diction is clear and the message is usually easy to understand. It is a gem of a station and I hope MU continues to recognize WMUB's contribution to the Miami Valley. We will be renewing at the fall drive.

You may use our full names with our permission. We are proud to be associated with your station.

--Mark and Joy Karl, Dayton


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