Thursday, August 02, 2007

The almost subliminal issues around WMUB and Miami

I have to share with you one of my early impressions of Miami University.  When I first visited the campus, as a client of the DARS software system, licensed by Miami to SUNY College at Brockport, I was very taken by the atmosphere of the Oxford campus.  My first recollection is of walking over the stone bridges on Western campus in early October, 1992, and  thinking, “Wow!  If I could only work here some day.” That image was a drastic jump in quality and impression (an intangible that cannot be bought) from SUNY College at Brockport.
Well, August 1, 1999 found me as a new Miami employee. When I moved to Oxford, I was already in love with Miami, and everything I encountered had that sparkle to it that many new relationships are infused with.  But one of the stronger “over the top” items was when I discovered that Miami had a PBS station – not just a link – but its own station!  WMUB was one item that I used to tell friends and collogues in other places what was so marvelous about Miami – “…and Miami even has its own PBS station!”  As a newcomer I was continually inspired by the obvious “Town and Gown” relationships built and supported through WMUB through how it interacts with the communities of Oxford, Butler County and other areas around Miami.
I think it would be a tangible tragedy if another icon of “The Miami Experience” was to go away.  While I cannot put a dollar value, for me, on WMUB, and I can only rhapsodize about the mental stimulation that NPR and Public Radio in general provides, I can strongly argue that the presence of WMUB contributes in a large, subliminal way to what we all are proud of, and is just another item making our Alumni proud to contribute to the University in many other ways.  
Thank you and I hope WMUB is on the air for many years to come.
--Carlton Ellis, Miami DARS


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