Monday, November 05, 2007

Report makes good out of bad

I think the Miami report takes the best that can be done out of a lousy situation and makes it into a positive good. (It is hard to believe that Miami can't afford a radio station, especially one that reflects so well on the University.) I moved to Dayton from Wisconsin, & am used to WI Public Radio's statewide music & talk networks. We listen to 5 public radio stations depending on who we can get as well as what's on (mainly WMUB & WGUC, plus WDPR & WYSO, plus the OSU station when we drive to Columbus). But I was shocked to find out that we have to choose who gets our money, since there's no network to pool pledges & expenses. So we pledge to WMUB & WGUC, and reluctantly stiff the others.

I hope that as you work out the details of MVPM, you have a chance to consult with WPR for some background and perspective on how they managed the two transitions to a state-wide network, and then to the 2-track system. (It was like making sausage, but the outcome is excellent.)

--Lin Seagren Jenkins, Dayton


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