Sunday, February 22, 2009

WMUB has been major source of news

We have listened to and supported WMUB for all the time that we have lived in Eastern Indiana, and we have had close contact with Miami University...

We spend much of the year in Montana, now, and we were surprised and concerned by the news that Miami could no longer support WMUB. We listen to WMUB practically every day that we are in Richmond (IN), and, in our area of marginal TV and small-town newspapers, it is our major source of world news. Presently, family ties have carried us to Montana for eight months of the year, but without current affairs public radio we probably would not return to the Tri-State for any part of the year.

I understand from News Releases that WMUB (or at least some NPR coverage) will continue under Cincinnati NPR. Nevertheless, we lost WVXR to "Christian Radio" earlier, and we desperately hope that we will not be left out in a marginal area with no access at all to fairly and honestly reported current affairs.

Whatever the outcome, we wish we could be at the good-bye party this month. We would like to say thanks to all the staff who have helped educate and entertain us over the years, yet whom we have never met in person.

Thank you for all you have done; and please tell us the best way for us continue our support for NPR in our part of the tri-state.

Please send our thanks and appreciation to all the staff.

--Sam and Ruth, Richmond

[Ed.: many of WMUB's current lineup of national programs will continue when 88.5 begins broadcasting the signal of WVXU-FM next week. See for details.]


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